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3 books to kickstart your spiritual journey

The distinction between spirituality and religion is an important one that can be confusing at first. To me, spirituality is the exploration into the mystical, the cosmic, including subjects such as energy fields, love, connectedness and enlightenment. It’s a journey into an often neglected space in our lives, a space we feel and understand on […]

20 protein packed foods to eat on a vegan diet

Vegans, new and experienced, are all familiar with the famous question: “But how do you get your protein?!” Well from now on when someone asks you that, simply send them this blog post. 😉 The amusing and rather bewildering part about that question is that the average person (vegan or otherwise) has little to no […]

how to Utilize quarantine for spiritual growth

Like many people I was losing my mind at the onset of quarantine, thinking and acting primarily out of fear. My first instinct at the beginning of the coronavirus news, was to prepare for the worst, a doomsday type scenario. My family watched on in confusion as I bought camping supplies from REI and stocked […]