3 books to kickstart your spiritual journey

The distinction between spirituality and religion is an important one that can be confusing at first. To me, spirituality is the exploration into the mystical, the cosmic, including subjects such as energy fields, love, connectedness and enlightenment. It’s a journey into an often neglected space in our lives, a space we feel and understand on a deep level yet rarely discuss, as it’s not something we can see with our eyes or touch with our hands. Some people call this the soul.

Below are my recommendations for those getting started exploring this space. Keep an open mind when embarking into these texts and refrain from reacting in fear (of being judged for being interested in this “woo woo” stuff), and you’ll be able to extract the lessons that ring most true to you. We’re all starting at different points along our journeys and we all have various wounds to heal. So be gentle and forgiving with yourself as you push out to sea on this spiritual adventure.

1. The power of now- eckhart tolle

The first book I’d like to suggest is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Roughly one third of my copy of the Power Of Now is highlighted, the margins filled with notes and powerful realizations about myself, my relationships and the world. I found myself gasping aloud just about every other page in this book. It’s truly changed my life, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone at any stage of their spiritual and self-growth journey.

2. The untethered soul- michael singer

The Untethered Soul introduced to me the powerful practice of keeping your heart “open” despite perceived dangers and difficulties. I’ll never forget the day after finishing this book, its core concepts floating around my brain while I worked a bartending shift, consciously aiming at keeping my heart open to giving and receiving joy and love. The amount of people that came up to me that day as if drawn to me was notable, and I experienced a lightness and a beauty in every interaction I had. I’ve since read more of Michael Singer’s work and have taken his lessons on openness, mindfulness and living in love with me everywhere I go.

3. Conversations with god- neal donald walshe
(3 book series)

I’m currently reading the second book in this 3 book series and enjoying it just as much as the first. This series is from the viewpoint of God, written through the scribe of Neal Donald Walshe. I know for many of us, the concept of a Christian-based God can cause us to recoil, and for good reason. The image of a Christian God has been developed and interpreted over thousands of years to be a vengeful, disapproving and punishing one. This book addresses that image of God and asks you to consider a fresh image of a loving, non-judgmental God, offering an entirely new set of ideals and guidance for his “children.” A heart-warming read for theologians and soul-searchers alike.

What’s a spiritual text that moved you or impacted the way you live you life?