10 Signs you’re raising your vibrational frequency

As someone who’s in the process of fully surrendering to her spiritual journey, I thought I’d share changes I’ve noticed in myself, which are coincidentally the traits I now notice in others. These traits can be described as high vibrational, high frequency, enlightened and spiritually attuned and awakened. These are the practices and attributes of those who are waking up to the falsity around them, existing in our education systems, our governments, our money systems, our health care system, our food production system, etc. This list describes those who are focusing on bettering themselves their top priority, turning within, realizing their dreams and shaping a vision for a better reality for all living creatures. If you find yourself within this list and are seeking camaraderie, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me and we will continue to form the high vibe tribe of those seeking love, unity and illumination.

1. You’re meditating

For many of us, meditation is a life changing discovery. All our lives we believed we were only able to achieve mental clarity through certain activities, such as exercise, sex, swimming, or for some of us, only in sleep. With the introduction of a regular practice of meditation, we realize that the power to experience mental peace is entirely within our own hands. For many of us mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety completely fall to the wayside after practicing meditation. Physical aliments as well often dissipate as we learn to control our minds. It is the beginning of the discovery that we humans are far more powerful than we are led to believe.


My personal spiritual awakening began with mediation and once I grasped that there is much more to life of a mystical nature than we normally account for, I was naturally led to devour all the spiritual material I could get my hands on. It is truly amazing to me that so many books written by people on completely different parts of the globe during completely different time periods could have identical notions of what humans are capable of once they access the power of their minds. I continue to expand my mind with a variety of spiritual texts that help me unlearn the ways in which we’re taught to live.


Once you understand the power and importance that your thought patterns hold, you become more conscious of the thoughts you allow into your mind, and even more so of the thoughts you verbally express. It’s quite a life-changing revelation to acknowledge the power of creation in our minds and the way our thoughts seem to trickle out and manifest themselves physically in our lives. Once you’ve recognizing this, you’ve already begun to raise your vibrational frequency and are pulling higher frequency beings and experiences into your life.

4. You’re improving your diet: going vegan or raw vegan

It’s impossible to recognize the interconnectedness of all life on earth without facing the horrors of our factory farming industry as well as the gravity in the decision to take another life. Becoming spiritual and raising your vibrational frequency means you begin to enter a place of love and consciousness, which naturally means recognizing injustices in the world and aiming to end them by serving as a beacon of love and light. You also began to recognize that fresh, whole plant foods contain a much higher frequency themselves than processed, packaged or death centered foods. You’re drawn to higher frequency food much like you’re drawn to higher frequency people.

5. You’re embracing forgiveness

Many of us spend our entire lives locked in some type of victim mindset not realizing that it only harms us further to think this way. By blaming your own deficiencies on past events, the actions of others, circumstances, etc you strip yourself of your own power to create a glorious life for yourself. Often times however transitioning from a victim mindset to one of creation and acceptance is a radical shift that feels scary. One of the simplest tools to bridge that gap is to practice forgiveness towards all individuals in your life, all circumstances and events and to surrender to the path you’re currently on. This will ultimately lead to an increased sense of inner peace and empowerment as well, once you realize that you you are entirely in control of your destiny.

6. You’re becoming more in tune with your body

This process is often aided by beginning to eat the right foods, and cleansing your body of its build up of toxins. Meditation, yoga, dance and slow, mindful movement will also aid this process. When you’re conscientious of what you’re putting into your body and what activity you’re allowing to take place in your mind, you naturally become more in tune with your body as well.

7. You’re gravitating towards nature

Nature calls to us constantly to teach us lessons and stun us with its beauty. You may be feeling called to nature to slow down or to reenergize. Walking through the woods, sitting by a lake or swimming in a river are all forms of meditation in of themselves, a meditation in which you connect with the greater web of consciousness on earth. By being still and ever present in nature, we can intensely deepen our connection with all living things on this beautiful home of ours.

8. You’re slowing down & appreciating the moment

Practicing mindfulness, AKA being present in the moment is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation and raising your vibrational frequency. In slowing down, breathing, exiting our ego and thought dominated minds, we allow for miracle to fill our lives. Something that’s in stark contrast to our current world filled with gadgets offering non-stop streams of information and life-consuming jobs. Everyone is so “busy” that they forget to live. But once you experience the present, mindful way of life, you’ll understand how superior of a way of life it is as the world vibrantly unfolds around you. I believe it is much like returning as an adult to the feeling of being a child in awe of the world, a state that is naturally human and which we have ever right to embody all of the time.

9. You’re seeking other high vibrational beings

Naturally on this journey you’ll feel isolated in the kinds of topics you’re exploring: alternative ways of eating, meditation, astrology, alien races, energy fields, etc. Many people will label you as “crazy”, “hippie”, “woo woo” and “out there.” But once you’re deep enough into your self development, you realize that there’s no other way you’d rather be and that you are not alone. There are people awaking or who have already awoken all over this planet. Our mission is to join together to incite powerful creation and positive change in the world.


Once you’re caring for your body and mind, existing in the present moment and truly operating on a higher vibrational frequency, you’ll know that there is nothing to do except to spread the message of love and light. Certainly, the current world full of violence is discouraging, and has been so for many thousands of years. But there’s absolutely no rule preventing an intensely powerful shift in consciousness all over the planet that leads to more harmonious, reverent, present, loving communities and ecosystems across our earth. After all, anything we can create with our minds, we can bring into existence.