What is the frugivore diet?

Vegans often find themselves in reoccurring debates and discussions surrounding their choice to eat vegan, one of the most popular being: whether humans are naturally herbivores or omnivores. But what if I told you there’s a third potential category, under which many species of primates most related to humans are categorized? This lesser known category species eating behavior is called the”frugivore.”

Frugivores are creatures who eat primarily fruits, easily digestible vegetables, nuts and seeds. Occasionally omnivores are also classified as frugivores if the majority of their diet is made up of fruits. Interestingly enough, an partnership between fruit trees and frugivore eaters evolved about as a means of spreading fruit seeds through the fecal matter of frugivores. As these creatures traveled around and eventually deficated the seeds from the fruit they’d eaten, they allowed that particular fruit species to propagate.

In modern science, many birds and an array of monkey species are categorized as frugivores. Based on human’s shared anatomical makeup with chimps, it can reasonably be gathered that our natural diet would resemble something closest to that of a chimp: a frugivore diet. Refer to the chart below for some comparisons between the anatomical equipment of various species and determine for yourself which humans most closely resemble.

Among humans, the frugivore diet has been adopted by populations smaller still than the vegetarian and vegan population, and is known as the “raw vegan diet”, in which one only eats uncooked foods made up of fruits, naturally digestible vegetables, nuts and seeds. Those who practice a raw vegan diet are generally in ultimate health, with glowing skin, healthy hair, a balanced body weight and boundless physical and mental energy. Certainly there are signs that point to the frugivore diet as being best suited for humans, even in our current evolutionary stage and with an abundance of available food choices.

The raw vegan diet, as well as fasts and cleanses consisting of only fruit and /or veggies, have also been recommended by many doctors as an alternative to drugs and surgeries in response to many human created diseases including heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. The potential power that this diet holds for humans is generally under researched, but wildly effective from recorded sources that are currently available.

If you’re interested in learning more about the frugivore, or raw vegan food diet I recommend looking into educator John Rose and raw chef Dr. Aris Latham, both on Youtube. They will begin to open your eyes to the vibrancy and high quality of life available to us at our fingertips. For ideas of what meals look like on a raw vegan diet, check out Fully Raw Kristina on Youtube as well.