My original poetry collection: “The First Fourth” is available on amazon

Hello Friends,

You know me as Tamara, the Blogger behind Plant Based Empress, but you may not know that I’m also a self-published Poet! Today, I’d like to introduce myself in my other Writer form as a Poet who delights in delving into the human experience, painting pictures with words and speaking universal truths between pages. My first self-published work is entitled The First Fourth, and serves as an artistic encapsulation of my first twenty five years of life on the planet, focusing on moments of intensity and lessons learned. I’ve received much positive feedback from those who were able to personally feel the emotional state behind my words or relate to the life experiences described therein. The collection is available here for $5.00 USD on Amazon. I’d love to here your impressions of the book, so feel free to contact me through my email

Many Blessings,