10 awesome vegan youtuber chefs

– Youtuber has an online blog
+ – Youtuber has a published cookbook

1. Avante Garde*+

Avanate Garde is an artfully shot vegan cooking Youtube series hosted by Gaz Oakley, a young British fellow with years experience as a high end restaurant chef. His channel showcases his professional cooking abilities and his passion for sharing exciting, innovative vegan recipes.

2. pICK UP liMES*

Pick Up Limes, hosted by Sadia Badiei, is a lovely, soothing channel with tons recipe ideas for healthy, everyday meals. Sadia brings an education in nutrition to her work of creating and sharing healthful, vegan meals. If you’re particularly interested in eating for maximum energy & nutrient absorption, Pick Up Limes is a great channel to check out.


Sweet Potato Soul is hosted is by Jenne Claiborne who offers the perspective of a vegan who grew up in the South, a culture largely surrounding meat-based dishes. Her skin is perpetually glowing and her recipes are super healthful and nutritious. Check out this awesome video of her “Beginners Guide to Going Vegan.”


Caitlyn Shoemaker is a down to earth Food Photographer with a passion for vegan cooking who shares her everyday recipes and snack ideas on Youtube.

5. Maddie Lymburner+

Maddie Lymburner is both your vegan inspiration as well as workout inspiration, a walking example of vegan body goals. In addition to recipe and workout videos, she does lots of “What I Eat in a Day” videos to give you ideas for quick, daily vegan breakfast, lunch & dinners.

6. Simnett Nutrition+

Simnett Nutrition Youtube channel is run by Derek Simnett, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and vegan bodybuilder. His channel includes a plethora of simple healthy recipe ideas as well as “What I Eat in a Day” videos that give you some ideas behind vegan eating for high protein and body building.

7. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken*

Sam Turnbull comes from a family of hunters and butchers and now runs one of the largest vegan recipe blogs on the internet! She has successfully “veganized” just about every recipe in existence from cinnamon rolls to chicken nuggets.

8. Rainbow plantlife*+

Nisha Vora runs a health and wellness-centered Youtube channel that offers endless ideas for healthy meals and snacks as well as handy vegan specific cooking hacks such as these cashew cream sauce recipes.

9. Ellen Fisher+

Ellen Fisher’s Youtube channel features vlogs following her vegan family of 6 living in Hawaii (truly the image of health and happiness). She shares lots of plant based meals, including what she feeds her children and how she eats vegan throughout pregnancy.

10. Rachel ama+

Rachel Ama is a new mother and another image of health and creativity in cooking. She creates beautiful, colorful recipes such as this summer vegan buddha bowl collection.