10 awesome vegan dairy substitutes


Earth Balance Butter spread is my go-to for non-dairy butter, and they offer a variety of styles and flavors to chose from including a soy free version, an olive oil-infused version and a European style spread. As a toast fiend that didn’t want to give up buttered toast in the morning once I became vegan, Earth Balance has met my every need. They also offer a butter in stick form that I’ve used for baking and making frosting that’s flawless and indistinguishable from dairy butter in all baking creations.

2. Trader Joe’s Vegan Cream Cheese Alternative

Cream cheese was probably the toughest dairy product for me to go without, so I’ve done my research particularly well in this category. I would have to say that Kite Hill is my absolutely favorite within the vegan cream cheese world, however if you’ve looked into Kite Hill you know their products are more pricey. That’s where Trader Joe’s cream cheese comes in! I’ve tried many other brands of vegan cream cheese (cheaper than Kite Hill) and was always either disappointed or completely put off by the texture or taste. Trader Joe’s cream cheese is affordable, comes super close to the texture of dairy cream cheese and has a mild taste. The taste is minimal so I would recommend adding some seasoning of some kind, lemon juice, salt, whatever your fancy, and the texture alone will provide a convincing substitute for dairy cream cheese without breaking the bank.

3. Violife Just Like Mozzarella Shreds

I start smiling just looking at Violife packaging. I had my most amazing vegan pizza making experience thus far using Violife Just Like Mozzarella Shreds. Even my dairy and meat eating family couldn’t get enough of the veggie pizza I made with this faux mozzarella. Violife products do tend to run on the more pricey side, but certainly cheaper than many dairy-free artisanal cheese brands. I actually have yet to sample other Violife products which include cheddar slices, a few cream cheeses and a feta substitute that I’ve heard is amazing. I look forward to sampling more from this brand as I think it may quickly become my overall favorite cheese substitute brand.

4. Silk Almond Sweet & Creamy Creamer

I have no interest in sampling any other dairy-free creamers after discovering Silk’s creamer collection, which includes Carmel, Créme Brûlée and Vanilla. All are delicious, Sweet & Creamy is my personal favorite. I’ve used these in my morning coffee, decaf and also with black teas and a bit of honey and they reign supreme! Thick texture that fools you for something like half n half and delicious sweetness that adds to any hot beverage!

5. Forager Organic Dairy-Free Sour Cream

As of yet, not a lot of options exist for sour cream in the vegan world, which is why I was thrilled to discover Forager’s sour cream option. Although not quite as thick as traditional sour cream, it did the trick and the flavor was wonderfully tangy! I used this tub of sour cream on everything for a few weeks after purchasing it: Mexican food, Mediterranean food, even salads! If you’re craving a tangy creamy element to your dishes I definitely recommend giving this one a shot!

6. So Delicious Coconut Milk Key Lime flavored Yogurt

The world of vegan yogurt is becoming more and more vast allowing for lots of option in brand, texture, milk choice and flavor. Very exciting! My favorite brand for dairy-free yogurt out of the five or so that I’ve tried are the So Delicious coconut milk yogurts. Particularly, the key lime flavor of the individual yogurts! I promise you, this one is worth trying, more so as a desert. It’s quite sweet but also tangy, has a great creamy texture and has quickly become one of my favorite vegan treats, so much so that I wanted to mention this flavor particularly.

7. So Delicious Creamy Chocolate Cashew Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious also nails the ice cream game but particularly within their cashew milk ice creams! The milk choice does make a huge difference and on the whole I’ve found almond milk ice creams to be the most icy and watery, coconut milks generally overpower any other flavor in the ice-cream, and soy is hit or miss. Cashew by far wins in the creamy category and doesn’t overpower the other flavors in the ice-cream. If you’re a chocolate fiend, their creamy chocolate cannot be skipped! It’s quite rich so pairs well with some berries, a cone, or some vanilla cookies of some kind.

8. So Delicious Dipped Double Chocolate Delight Cashew Milk Ice Cream Bars

Once again with So Delicious, they’re really knocking it out of the park with their non-dairy ice cream options. These bars are my favorite and I try to catch sales on them so I can load up! The Dipped Double Chocolate is forever a favorite but the Dipped Salted Caramel and Mocha Almond Fudge Bars are equally delightful. Reminiscent of Häagen Dazs bars, these treats leave you wanting for nothing.

9. Ben & Jerry’s PB & Cookies Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s has a wide array of dairy-free ice creams, however they seem to vary by store, city and state. One of the few flavors I’ve been able to find just about anywhere in California is the PB & Cookies. If you have a mad sweet tooth and are craving something that has chocolate, peanut butter AND Oreos- this is the flavor for you. It’s almost overwhelmingly delicious and the texture is quite creamy as well!

10. Reddi Whip Non Dairy Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

You don’t always need whipped cream but when you do it’s a dire need. For hot chocolate in the winter or fruit parfaits in the summer, Reddi Whip’s coconut milk or almond milk whipped cream does the trick. The consistency is perfect and it’s sweet enough to pipe straight into your mouth!